• Experimental Station CARE-FEPEX
    Faculty of veterinary Medicine
    Quartier Vallée 3, B39
    Chemin de la ferme 6, 4000 LIEGE


  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liege offers the whole cursus allowing to graduate as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine. It has the human resources and all the facilities required to grant a top quality training in veterinary Medicine.
  • FARAH is the new Interdisciplinary Structural Research Centre of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Liège University which manages the structural resources of the research institution. FARAH is an acronym of « Fundamental and Applied Research for Animals & Health ».
  • CARE-FEPEX hosts the « petit élevage » project, allowing vet students to manage the rearing of animals of different species (pigeon, rabbit, chicken or guinea pig) including endangered local breeds. More informations here.
  • Grasslands conservation is crucial , given their influence on the productivity of dairy farms and the environment. The objective of the Life DairyClim study is to describe the use of grazeable areas on dairy farms. The dairy herd from CARE-FEPEX is at the core of the Life DairyClim project.