Configuration of the Scientific Body Council

The composition of the Scientific Council is based on the most recent electoral list for the election of the Rector (1st of January 2014).

Elected members


A. Faculties (22 members)

2 Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities

2 Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology

2 Faculty of Science

2 Faculty of Medicine

2 Faculty of Applied Sciences

2 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

2 Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

2 HEC – School of Management of the University of Liege

2 Faculty of Social Sciences

2 Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

2 Faculty of Architecture

B. Research entities outside the faculty (11 members)

2 Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes

2 Centre Spatial de Liège

2 Central administration (ARD, Interface, ARH, ARF, ARI, AEE)

1 University of Liege libraries

2 GIGA (management, research, COMA, cyclotron)


1 Library network