The Scientific Body Council’s Projects 

The Scientific Body Council fulfils the following tasks within the Univeristy of Liège :

  • It represents the scientific body within the institution and inter-university bodies. It is the privileged spokesperson of the authorities for all questions relating to scientific staff.
  • It is the point of interaction of representatives of scientific staff in all the institutional bodies and commissions. In this regard, the CSS is informed of problems and challenges faced by the different entities of the university. Furthermore, the structure allows for the dissemination of institutional information to all scientific staff.
  • It shares its opinions on all matters which directly or indirectly concern scientific staff. It forms these opinions on its own initiative or at the request of the authorities and partners. When necessary, task forces are set up within the CCS.
  • It puts forward representatives from the scientific staff to the authorities in the institutional commissions. At the same time, the CCS keeps a public record of the representatives of the scientific staff.