22 nd International Conference of Europeanists

Organized  by  the  Council  for  European  Studies, Sciences Po

Paris, France- July 8-10 2015


Congolese African Spatial mobility, colonial memory and patterns of social differentiations




The aim of this panel is to look at how spatial mobility and the reference to a territorial homeland (‘real’ or ‘imaginary’) influence the processes of appropriation, reappropriation and disapprioriation of colonial memory in the Congolese diasporas.

In a context of the liberation of subalterns memories, many authors consider that slavery and colonization have become since the 2000s, the controversial memorial repositories in both Europe and the United States as in Africa. However, processes of selection, denial and invisibility remain, particularly in old European cities. The emergence of new migratory routes, particularly overseas, can sometimes be associated to liberating acts from social actors fleeing multiple discriminations they have experienced or are afraid of in Europe. Beside ‘subalterns claims’, contested memories and modes of questioning national accounts, we are particularly interested in the expression of patterns of social differentiations towards the colonial memory. These different ways to interact with the colonial past will be explored taking into account: the migration path, the circulation within a given diasporic space and multiple social affiliations.


Convenors: Sarah Demart, CEDEM , Liege, Belgium/ Marie Godin, CMRB – University of East London and Université Libre de Bruxelles


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