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Congolese Migration to Belgium and Postcolonial Perspectives

Volume 6, Congolese Migration to Belgium and Postcolonial Perspectives, 2013

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CONFERENCE: The Congolese Diaspora in Belgium : Imaginaries and postcolonial relations in the a

n view of the social, racial and territorial distancing practices against Congolese people, and the migratory policies which never took their arrival and settlement into account, one is tempted to assert that these discriminations are structural and consequently embedded in Belgian society as a whole. Although this hypothesis cannot not be confirmed because of a [...]

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Between mobility and sedentarity: Pentecostal and Evangelical communities in Belgium in a context of religious globalisation

Liège, 14 November 2013 Both in Belgium and in Europe, debates about immigration are generally dominated by a problematized Islam which tends to overshadow the current religious pluralisation in our societies. However, since several decades multiple forms of religious recomposition have been taking place, in particular within the Christian field. In contrast with the decline [...]

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Riots in Matonge and… the indifference of public authority?

Twenty years after the first 'North African' riots,  in the winter of 2011-2012 Brussels was the scene of 'Congolese' demonstrations which some media and political officials qualified as riots. The idea that political conflicts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) had been transposed to Belgium took hold, while the material damage, despite especially [...]

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