Objectives: The BMD aims at supporting reflection among actors of civil society on issues related to migration in recent years and the policies that are set up to manage them and to enabling civil society actors to be involved in the preparation of migration policies based on a well-controlled information.

The Belgian Migration Dialogue is the Belgian contribution to the project ‘European Migration Dialogue’, initiated by the Migration Policy Group.
The ‘European Migration Dialogue “brings together civil society actors from 19 European countries. It brings together their perceptions of social, economic and demographic characteristics of European migration policies and collects their recommendations on the matter.

Duration and funding : 2003 – 2005 – King Baudouin Fondation

Researchers: Marco Martiniello, Sonia Gsir, Emmanuelle Le Texier

Partners:   King Baudouin Foundation,  Centre for equal opportunities and fight against racism andHoger Instituut voor de Arbeid (HIVA – KUL).

Findings: Current Immigration Debates in Europe

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