We have the pleasure to inform you that the programme of CEDEM’s 2012 conference series is now available. We look forward to seeing you in one of these events



1.            Felice Dassetto (Université Catholique de Louvain – Belgique)

16 February 2012, 4PM, Salle du Conseil, ULg.

“L’Iris et le Croissant. Bruxelles et l’islam aux défis de la co-inclusion.”


2.            Abdulkader H. Sinno (Indiana University – USA)

12 March 2012, 2.30 PM, Auditoire Tocqueville, ULg.

« Transitions to democracy when elected Islamist parties rule : observations from Tunisia and Egypt »

3.            Léo Lucassen (Leiden University – Netherlands)

19 April 2012, 4PM, Salle du Conseil, ULg

“Twisted Histories, Myths, Fact-Free Politics, and the Multicultural Debate in the Netherlands”

4.            Roger Waldinger (University of California – USA)

3 May 2012, 5PM, Salle du Conseil, ULg.

Title to be announced

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