ECPR general conference, in Glasgow (3-6 September 2014).

Panel Title: “The political citizenship of emigrants”

Chair: Luicy Pedroza (GIGA Hamburg)

Co-Chair: Jean-Michel Lafleur (Université de Liège)


In this panel we invite papers that explore why and how states extend citizen

rights to their emigrants and under which regulations. We are interested in

discussing whether policies directed toward the political engagement of

emigrants in/with/towards /the countries of origin/ follow discernible models,

and, if so, what understandings of citizenship are delineated by those models.

Furthermore, we welcome papers that deepen our knowledge about the actual

transnational connections and political dynamics between emigrants and

homeland actors in proposing, encouraging, implementing and deepening these

policies. We are keen on hearing about innovative theoretical developments to

understand and explain the establishment and maintenance of political

connections between emigrants and their countries of origin, but we are also

looking forward to receive papers with rather empirical approximations to the

topic (both through comparative exercises and case studies).


Please send your paper proposals by 7 February 2014 to

ed.gr1576417337ubmah1576417337-agig1576417337@azor1576417337dep.y1576417337ciul1576417337 or ed.ni1576417337lreb-1576417337uf.ta1576417337dez@a1576417337zorde1576417337pl1576417337

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