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PhD Defense Maria Vivas

"Who cares for those who cared? An Intersectional Ethnography of Global Social Protection Arrangements" - Maria VIVAS-ROMERO 26th September 2017, public defense by Maria Vivas-Romero in Salle des Professeurs, place du 20 août à Liège, at 10AM

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Environmental Changes and Migrations Flows. Normative Frameworks and Policy Responses

Doctoral thesis, funded by the FNRS 2005-2009. Defended on April 3rd, 2009. Abstract: Though environmental factors have always been migration drivers, the relationship between environment and migration has only been recently formalized through the concept of environmental migration. The dissertation seeks to examine how the competing conceptualisations of environmental migration have shaped the policy responses [...]

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Diasporas and External Voting Rights

This postdoctoral research project is funded by the Belgian National Science Foundation (FRS-FNRS) for the 2008-2012 period. It seeks to investigate the implications of emigrants’ participation in home country politics for the relations between emigrants on the one hand, and the host and home societies on the other hand. This project combines quantitative (surveys) and [...]

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Migration, Free Trade and Security: a case-study of the Spanish city of Ceuta

This research identifies two state-centric forces affecting the construction of the border, namely free trade and security. The contrasting and apparently contradictory management of the flow of goods and people is addressed through the lens of Ceuta’s border as a place – more than a line – that crystallizes economic and securitization tensions. A focus [...]

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The attitudes towards asylum seekers in Brussels and in Wallonia

Objectives and Methodology:The research ains is to describe and analyze the interactions between people and asylum seekers who  are hosted in open reception centers or in housing in the cities. The method used in this project is qualitative and is based primarily on semi-structured interviews and group interviews inspired by focus group techniques. Duration & [...]

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Belgian Migration Dialogue

Objectives: The BMD aims at supporting reflection among actors of civil society on issues related to migration in recent years and the policies that are set up to manage them and to enabling civil society actors to be involved in the preparation of migration policies based on a well-controlled information. The Belgian Migration Dialogue is [...]

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Labour market mobility and access to social rights for migrants in EU countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatia – CLIP (Cities for Local Integration Policies)

Objectives and methodology: The project seeks to fill a gap in analysing recent efforts by local authorities to coordinate and learn from each other. It tries to synthesize the in-depth and concrete experience of local actors in public administration, in local councils, social partners and NGOs and migrants’ organisations. And it provides a portfolio/casebook of [...]

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New migration and new migrants in Belgium – NOMIBE

Objectives and methodology: This research project has 3 objectives: 1. To give as complete a quantitative picture as possible of the composition and typical profiles (amplitude, size, origin, etc.) of new migrations and new migrants based on systematic use of all available data banks. 2. To provide a better understanding of why (reasons for migration) [...]

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European labour migration policy

Objectives and Summary: The objectives of this research carried out under a documented doctoral thesis in political and social sciences is to understand what happens during the development of labour migration policy work at the European level and how was developed a discourse in favor of a new labour migration in Europe. The research is [...]

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¿Hacia nuevas fórmulas de gestión migratoria en el caso español?

Funding from the Ministry for Science and Innovation in Spain (2012-2014).

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