C-PagnoulleUniversity of Liège
English Department
Place Cockerill, 3-5
4000 Liège

+32 4 366 54 38

Fields of Research

  • Anglophone Caribbean poetry, particularly Kamau Brathwaite, and women poets
  • Contemporary Scottish literature
  • Anglophone Canadian literature, particularly First Nations poetry and novels by Jack Hodgins
  • Trauma in contemporary Anglophone Cypriot literature
  • Colonialism and neocolonialism in African and Caribbean literatures since Conrad
  • Translating poems

Current Projects

  • Publishing a collection of essays on Kamau Brathwaite
  • Translating plays by August Wilson, with Valérie Bada
  • Publishing a French version of an anthology of First Nation poems (Native Canadian Poetry) with Mémoire d’encrier, with Maria Lagatta
  • Publishing a collection of poems by Tucker Zimmerman, which are allegedly translations of posthumous poems by Rimbaud Le rire affreux de l’idiot (and a collection of haikus written with Zimmerman)
  • Finding publishers for an English translation of Léon-Gontran Damas’ poem Black Label and of some of his posthumous poems (Mine de rien), and for a number of French translations (two long poems inspired by the 9/11 events, a collection by Brathwaite (Elegguas), a collection by Bradley Strahan (The Art of Losing), one by Desmond Graham (The Scale of Change)
  • Translating Caribbean novels (Lawrence Scott, Robert Antoni)
  • Working on the twin notions of rupture and continuities in Caribbean and Canadian First Nation poetry


To get a full list of publications, please browse the ULiège institutional repository (ORBi).