Publications and presentations


Presentation of the project’s results at the 44th ANR (Animal Nutrition Research) Forum held on 2 May 2019, at Gembloux AgroBioChem, University of Liège, in Gembloux (Belgique).

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Paper presented as poster at the 27th meeting of the European Grassland Federation and published in the Proceedings book entitled “Sustainable meat and milk production from grasslands”.

EGF 2018 Grazing practices

EGF 2018 Essais

Paper published for the European Day of Grasslands held in Bras (Belgium) on 31th August 2018. For this occasion a booklet “Forages crop” gathering interventions of all the partners has been published.

Production of methane by dairy cow: Methanausstoß der Milchkuh

Results of the survey on grazing practices in Wallonia, presented during the “From the new to the pasture” day organized at the HEPL- agronomy section of La Reid »: Résultats et conclusions Journée «Du neuf au pâturage?»

Presentation of the results of the DairyClim project during the 3rd EmiLi International Symposium in St Malo (France).

Climate smart cattle farming – management and systems aspects : Methagone Padova

Presentation of the results of the survey on grazing practices in Wallonia, distributed in Libramont 2016: Pratiques de pâturage, perception et attentes des producteurs laitiers wallons

Grazing practices, perception and expectations of Walloon dairy farmers

Life-Dairyclim, European project aiming to mitigate methane emissions and carbon footprint of dairy cows

Troels Kristensen J dairy sci – 2015 efficiency

Troels Kristense livestock sci GHG

Troels Kristensen LCA foder Mogensen et al 2014

Das neue Projekt DairyClim

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Towards an agriculture in transition to tackle climate change

Platform of the Collège des Producteurs representing projects with a vision of food self-sufficiency: Elevage du futur en Wallonie.