Fany Brotcorne, Assistant
Department of Biology, Ecology and Evolution 
Primatology Research Group (PRG)
Address: University of Liege, Institut of Zoology, 22 Quai Van Beneden, 4020 Liège – Belgium
Phone : (+32) (0)4 366 51 12
E-mail: eb.eg1606479573eilu@1606479573enroc1606479573torbf1606479573


Research description

My research investigates behavioural ecolgy of primates living in human-disturbed habitats. During my master and PhD thesis at Uliege, I studied human-macaque commensalism phenomenon in Thailand and then in Bali (Indonesia). By comparing long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis)  populations living in various degrees of proximity with human, I intended to assess the anthropogenic impacts on eco-behavioural parameters including diet, activity budget, ranging and demographic patterns. Recently, we have developped more applied approaches in management of Balinese macaque populations experiencing growing conflict with humans, while systematically monitoring the efficiency of the management strategies and potential impacts on stress-level, behaviour and social dynamics of macaques.


Commensalism – Human-primate interactions – Behavioural Ecology – Socio-Ecology – Human-primate conflict – Population management – Anthropogenic habitats – Macaques


2016–          : Assistant – University of Liege – Behavioural Biology Unit
2015–2016 : Postdoctoral fellowship – University of Lethbridge (Canada) – Behaviour and Evolution Research Group
2009–2014 : PhD in Sciences – School of Biology of Organisms and Ecology -University of Liege
2006–2008 : Complementary Master in Biology of Organisms and Ecology -University of Liege
2003–2006 : Master in Neuropsychology  – Free University of Brussels
2001–2003 : Bachelor in Psychology – Free University of Brussels


Belgian National Institute of Natural Sciences (IRScNB) – Conservation Biology Section (R. Beudels-Jamar, PhD)

Udayana University – Bali (Indonesia) – Primate Research Center (I. Nengah Wandia, PhD)

King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Conservation Ecology Program (Pr. T. Savini)

Sao Paulo State University, Laboratory of Primatology


Main Publications

Other publications


Abstracts and fulltexts (pdf) are available via ORBI (Open Reposititory and Bibliography) University of Liege.


  • BIOL1064-1 Behavioural Primatologie, 20h Th + 10h Pr – F. BROTCORNE
  • PSYC1063-1 Social Ethology, 20h Th + 10h Pr, F. BROTCORNE, J. DELCOURT, P. PONCIN
  • SSTG0053-1 Ethometry Training Course, 10h Pr, 4j T. t., M. DENOEL, F. BROTCORNE


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