Research activities in the Laboratory of « Petrology, Geochemistry and Petrophysics » are focused on magmatic rocks; from the production of the magmas at their source region to their crystallization and final emplacement. Research combines field and petrographic evidence with geochemical (major, trace and isotopes) and experimental petrology data.


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Recent publications

Hou T, Charlier B, Namur O, Schütte P, Schwarz-Schampera U, Zhang Z, Holtz F (2017) Experimental study of liquid immiscibility in the Kiruna-type Vergenoeg iron-fluorine deposit, South Africa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. [Article]

Namur O, Charlier B, Holtz F, Cartier C, McCammon C (2016) Sulfur solubility in reduced mafic silicate melts: Implications for the speciation and distribution of sulfur on Mercury. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 448: 102-114. [Article]

Namur O, Collinet M, Charlier B, Grove TL, Holtz F, McCammon C (2016) Melting processes and mantle sources of lavas on Mercury. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 439: 117-128. [Article]

Fischer LA, Wang M, Charlier B, Namur O, Roberts RJ, Veksler IV, Cawthorn RG, Holtz F (2016) Immiscible iron- and silica-rich liquids in the Upper Zone of the Bushveld Complex. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 443: 108-117. [Article]

Vander Auwera J, Berza T, Gesels J, Dupont A (2016) The Late Cretaceous igneous rocks of Romania (Apuseni Mountains and Banat): the possible role of amphibole versus plagioclase deep fractionation in two different crustal terranes. International Journal of Earth Sciences 105:819-847. [Article]

Bonjean D, Vanbrabant Y, Abrams G, Pirson S, Burlet C, Di Modica K, Otte M, Vander Auwera J, Golitko M, McMillan R, Goemaere E (2015) A new Cambrian black pigment used during the late Middle Palaeolithic discovered at Scladina Cave ( Andenne, Belgium). Journal of Archeological Science 55: 253-265. [Article]

Charlier B, Namur O, Latypov R, Tegner C (2015) Layered Intrusions. Springer, Dordrecht, 748 p. [Book]

Charlier B, Namur O, Latypov R, Bolle O, Duchesne JC (2015) Fe-Ti-V-P deposits associated with Proterozoic massif-type anorthosites and related rocks. Earth-Science Reviews 141: 56-81. [Article]