Belgian Sedimentary Rock Reference Materials

AWI-1, SBO-1, PRI-1, CCH-1, DWA-1

Under the auspices of the « Contact Group of Intrumental Geochemistry » (FNRS-NFWO, Belgium), the laboratory has prepared five Belgian sedimentary rock reference materials. They consist of two shales (AWI-1, SBO-1), one siltite (PRI-1), one calcareous rock (CCH-1) and one dolomite (DWA-1).

Sample description, sampling locations and compilation of data of major, minor and trace elements have been reported in the following papers:
I.Roelandts and J.C.Duchesne:

Recommended Values

Each material (50 g) is supplied in plastic bottles and available for sale at the following prices:

  • AWI-1 (250 Euros): Grey shale of Westphalian age coming from the Winterslag coal mine (southern limit of the Campine basin, Belgium) 
  • SBO-1 (250 Euros): Light grey schist of Emsian age from the Neufchateau-Eifel synclinorium. Fresh outcrop along road N15 Bastogne to Wiltz, near Bohey, 1 km from the Luxembourg border 
  • PRI-1 (250 Euros): Grey-green micaceous siltite (arkosic psammite)of Fammenian age (Montfort age). Rivage quarry, Ourthe valley),
  • CCH-1 (250 Euros): Crinoïdic limestone of Tournaisian age (Tn3b) (Ourthe Petit Granit formation), NE of the Dinant synclinorium. Chanxhe quarry, Ourthe Valley
  • DWA-1 (250 Euros): Dolomite of Upper Tournaisian age, northern border of the Namur synclinorium. Wartet quarry at  Marche-les-Dames, Meuse valley

Prices include packing, university overheads (15%), and postage in Europe (other destinations upon request)


All inquiries and orders should be addressed to :

  • Jacqueline Vander Auwera
    Département de Géologie
    Université de Liège, Sart Tilman
When ordering, please specify the quantity, the name of the samples required, and the address to which the invoice is to be sent.