Xavier Capet, LOCEAN, France

The role of submesoscale in matter and energy transfers: recent progress and some enduring challenges

Lee-Lueng Fu, JPL, USA

A next generation altimeter for mapping the sea surface variability: opportunities and challenges

Robert Hetland, TAMU, USA

Instabilities in river plumes

Karen Heywood, UEA, UK

High-definition Oceanography: Observing the submesoscale with ocean gliders

Marina Lévy, LOCEAN/IPSL, France

Submesoscale control on marine ecosystems and diversity

Jim McWilliams, UCLA, USA

Submesoscale Currents in the Ocean

Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSAT, Germany

High-resolution ocean observations from Sentinel-3 and opportunities for their synergetic use

Leif Thomas, Stanford University, USA

Energy exchange between near-inertial waves and balanced currents at ocean fronts