Professor Dirk Olbers
Alfred Wegener Institute

Talk: « Internal gravity waves as mediator of mixing and drag in the ocean circulation »

Associate Professor Leif Thomas
School of Earth, Energy and Environmental
Stanford Unviersity

Talk: « Symmetric Instability (SI)-Turbulence: A Unique Form of Boundary Layer Turbulence »

Professor Franks Peter J.S.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California

Talk: « Oceanic Turbulence from a Planktonic Perspective »

Professor Alberto Scotti
Department of Marine Sciences
University of North Carolina

Talk: « Energy and mixing in stratified turbulent flows »

Professor William D. Smyth
College of Oceanice & Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University

Talk: « Marginal instability and deep cycle turbulence in the equatorial Pacifif cold tongue »

Professor Jacques Vanneste
School of Mathematics
University of Edinburgh

Talk: « Stimulated loss of balance and other mechanisms of wave–turbulence interactions »