EUMETSAT will be offering training on the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CMDS) to participants of the Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics.
This training will be valuable to those working in and/or between coastal and open ocean waters, particularly in areas affected by human activities, high sediment, and high variability. The purpose of this training is to demonstrate the differences, strengths and weaknesses of the two different Chlorophyll algorithms, namely OC4ME and NN, delivered as standard Level 2 OLCI products.
Educational resources will be made available on the Colloquium website from 3rd May for attendees to work through at their own pace. It is expected that this will require approximately 5 hours of engagement (reading resources, watching demo videos, etc) in total. Additionally, Jupyter Notebook exercises will be available for those interested in programming. No prior Python knowledge is required. At the same time, attendees will be able to pose questions to the trainers via a dedicated platform.
During the week of the Colloquium, there will be two 1.5-hour live sessions which will address the questions asked on and demonstrate how to visualise OLCI Level 2 ocean colour data in SNAP and Python. Our aim is to assist users with assessing differences between Chl-a and sediment retrieval algorithms in coastal zones, around wind farms, and in open ocean waters. Attendees will also have
opportunities to ask questions live.
After the course participants will have the skills to:

  • Understand what data and products the Copernicus Marine Data Stream provides (variables, timeliness, resolution, data formats)
  • Select, access and download relevant L2 OLCI data products for specific tasks from the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CMDS)
  • Visualise and process CMDS data in SNAP and/or Python (Jupyter Notebooks)

This training is open and free to all participants of the Colloquium.
If you want to register to this training event, please send an e-mail with the subject “EUMETSAT training” to eb.eg1657038227eilu@1657038227syhpn1657038227aeco1657038227
By registering to this training you agree that your contact information (name, country & e-mail) are communicated to EUMETSAT.