Colloquium 2021 – Abstract Submission: Author’s guidelines

The abstract must fit on one page and be in English.

If you have a problem with the online submission, you can send your abstract directly to this e-mail address.

Oral Presentations

All oral presentations are given in the main conference room (Salle Academique) located in the city center.

Place of the Conference: University of Liège – Place du 20-Août, 7 – 4000 Liège – Belgium.

The authors of an oral presentation are kindly asked to upload their presentation into the computer located in the main conference room before the session starts, typically early in the day of their presentation or during a coffee/lunch break. Accepted formats are OpenOffice, Acrobat and PowerPoint. There is a beamer in the conference room.

The screen for the presentations is a wide screen.(not a traditional 4:3 ratio)

Poster Presentations

Posters should be oriented in portrait (vertically) and have dimensions of maximum 130 cm high by 95 cm wide (A0). All the material necessary for attaching the poster to the board will be provided at the registration desk. You will be given a number to identify your poster, which should be displayed in the corresponding board. If no numbers are given please use any board to display your poster.

Posters can be printed for exemple at: Cogephoto