Peer reviewed publications

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Research interests and recent work

Physical oceanography with theoretical developments in

  • numerical and mathematical modelling,
  • statistical data analyisis, in particular spatial gridding,
  • data assimilation

applications include global, regional and coastal domains, mainly in

  • Mediterranean Sea,
  • Black Sea,
  • Golf of Cadiz.

mostly within the framework of EU projects, currently within SANGOMA, SeaDataNet and Emodnet.


University lectures

Main reference work: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics with matlab codes and animations at Elsevier and some additional supporting material. Color figures can also be found free of charge at Elsevier



  • WERNAERS award 2010
  • TOYP Belgium (the outstanding young person) award, section sciences and technology 1997.
  • Prix André Leroux 1995 de l’Association des Amis de l’Université de Liège.
  • Prix IBM Belgique d’Informatique, Ph.D. thesis, F.N.R.S. 1993.
  • Prix IRMA (Institut de Recherches Marines et d’Interaction Air-Mer) 1992.


  • Photography during trekking in remote locations
  • Cooking for and with friends
  • Card magic