Stratospheric circulation is accelerating in the Southern hemisphere

A study published recently in Geophysical Research Letters utilizes time series of the NDACC international network in order to derive information on the circulation speed in the lower stratosphere and on its long-term evolution. The [...]

28 September 2020|

The HCFC-22 atmospheric loading still on the rise, but at lower rates

The HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), the first substitutes to the banned CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), are now also regulated by the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete ozone. The most abundant among them, HCFC-22, is also a potent greenhouse [...]

27 March 2019|

GIRPAS contribution to the WMO assessment report 2018

Every four years, the WMO issues a report that documents the advances in scientific understanding of ozone depletion, reflecting the thinking of the international scientific experts who have contributed to its preparation and review. These [...]

11 February 2019|

Monitoring the evolution of Ozone-Depleting Substances

The Montreal Protocol has recently turned 30. This was the opportunity to look back and to identify the contributions in the field and the laboratory which led to the success of this international treaty. In a [...]

22 November 2018|

The heavy price of shale gas

Since 2009, the quantity of ethane in the atmosphere has been increasing by 5% per year. Prior to this, concentrations of the gas had actually been decreasing over a twenty-year period thanks to successful political [...]

18 May 2016|

The butterfly effect of shale gas

From an observation station located in Switzerland, researchers from the InfraRed Group of Atmospheric and Solar Physics of the University of Liege have identified a potentially worrying phenomenon that could lead to air quality degradation: since [...]

29 June 2015|