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The heavy price of shale gas

Since 2009, the quantity of ethane in the atmosphere has been increasing by 5% per year. Prior to this, concentrations of the gas had actually been decreasing over a twenty-year period thanks to successful political initiatives. This gas tends to lead to peak ozone levels in the air we breathe and increase the atmospheric lifetime [...]

18 May 2016|

The butterfly effect of shale gas

From an observation station located in Switzerland, researchers from the InfraRed Group of Atmospheric and Solar Physics of the University of Liege have identified a potentially worrying phenomenon that could lead to air quality degradation: since 2009, the level of ethane in the atmosphere has increased by 5% per year while previously, it was decreasing by [...]

29 June 2015|

Is there a new threat to the ozone layer?

After the alarm was raised in the 1980s, the ozone layer, which up to then had been destroyed by industrial activity, began to improve slightly. However, on the initiative of Emmanuel Mahieu, a researcher at the University of Liege, an international team observed that between 2007 and 2011, the trend of chlorine – the main [...]

5 November 2014|