3D motion analysis


3D optoelectronic system (Codamotion) based on active markers allows 3D localization of markers up to a frequency rate of 800 Hz. This system can be used in the lab or in indoor environments.

2D motion analysis


3 [25 i/s] cameras, 2 (50 i/s) cameras and 1 [210 i/s] camera. The cameras can be used indifferently indoor and outdoor.

Dartfish sytem. This software offers several tools for analyzing and synchronizing several 2D videos. It is particularly interesting for on field interactions with athletes and coaches.

Forces and pressure measurement

2 Kistler force plates for measuring ground reaction forces, moments and center of pressure. The wide measuring range (-10 to 20 kN in the vertical direction) allows a wide range of applications (balance, gait, running).


2 Sensix pedals instrumented with six-component force-torque sensors. These pedals allow to quantify the cyclist pedaling technique in terms of effetiveness, efficiency and equity of symmetry between the right and left lower limbs.


Wireless sensors mainly used for recording foot pressure timing

Muscle force measurement

Device multi-joint isokinetic to rotary dynamometer (Cybex HUMAC CSMI) for evaluation, rehabilitation and muscle reconditioning of peripheral joints and spine. At the CHU site.

Muscle activity

MuscularActivity1 MuscularActivity2

Surface electromyography (16 Delsys Trigno wireless sensors) to measure muscles activity

Energy consumption

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and spirometry (Medisoft, Ergocard Professional)

Heart rate

The Zephyr Wireless Monitoring System measures the heart rate, the heart rate variability, the heart recovery and the respiratory rate. It has a 3-axis accelerometer and therefore provides a measure of peak accelerations and jumps heights. We may estimate the body temperature noninvasively. GPS provides speeds, distances. The tensiometer measures the blood pressure and the Nonin measures oxygen saturation.

Sport equipment


Spike resistant floor, which can be used as multi-sport surface (including athletics with spike shoes).

1 treadmill for endurance studies (tilt 25°, maximum speed 40 km.h-1).


1 SRM Electronic IndoorTrainer for cycling studies.

The radar (Stalker ATS II) allows to measure and analyze the speed of an object, a ball, a sprinter and any motorized vehicle.