The LAMH conducts evaluations in multiple areas including clinical sciences, engineering, veterinary medicine, sports …

Much of our business is done in sports. We are part of the sports performance aid center (CAPS). It is a collaboration between the University of Liege, Leuven Catholic University and the Free University of Brussels to help top athletes.

The services offered by the LAMH which were exclusively reserved for top athletes are now open to amateur athletes.

We offer field, laboratory and isokinetic evaluations.

There is also the possibility to group multiple analyzes in order to get a more relevant overview of your situation. We offer different packages, which can be performed within a single day:

  • laboratory + field
  • field + isokinetics
  • laboratory + isokinetics
  • laboratory + field + isokinetics
  • In order to consider your needs, your objectives and the specificity of your sport, please contact us for the establishment of an individualized protocol.

    We have already carried out many analysis both on the field and in the laboratory:

  • Starting block departure_TPY0139
  • Sprint
  • Momentum and passing the high jump bar
  • Shot put biomechanics
  • Run-up in the long jump
  • Passage of the first hurdles
  • Tennis serve
  • Jump for the prevention of lesion risk
  • Influence of sports equipment performance
  • Jumps invarious sports populations
  • Running economy treadmill
  • Running technique after injury
  • Several federations and many athletes trust us and work with us:

  • Belgian Francophone League athletics (LBFA) (Nafissatou Thiam, Pierre Antoine Balhan, Florent Caelen, Tarik Moukrine, …)
  • French Tennis Association (AFT)
  • Belgian Francophone Rugby League (LBFR)
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