We can move on the field with our equipment to achieve a relevant test. The protocol will be established beforehand in collaboration with the coach or the athlete to obtain the information you require.
On the field, we record the motion in 2D and analyze the gesture using the Dartfish Team Pro program. The functions of this program are varied and can measure and highlight various parameters including:

  • Layering video
  • Synchronization of video on a split screen
  • Distances
  • Angulation
  • Zoom to a body part
  • The monitoring of a point throughout the movement
  • Comparison with the same gesture with two Athletes
  • Slow Motion
  • Contact time ground
  • Chronometer

Each video is processed and analyzed in order to provide to the athlete and his coaching staff in a few days after the session:

  • A Mediabook setting out the different videos, key positions and comments on the athlete.[/li_item]
  • A written report with the characteristics of the athlete, the protocol used for the test, the objectives and the analysis of the relevant tools.