Field-evaluation5In the laboratory, we have the ability to combine and synchronize advanced evaluation devices (3D motion capture, force plates, electromyography. Our evaluation enables us to obtain various very specific information. That is why it is important to define the objective of the evaluation with the coach or the athlete in beforehand.

Very quickly, in the form of a report, the analysis of the acquired data will be communicated to the athlete and / or his coaching staff allowing adaptation of the training depending on the biomechanics of the athlete.

Example of information that can be obtained:

  • Positions in space
  • Speeds (speed arm, legs, racket,…)
  • Accelerations
  • Rotations in different spatial axes
  • Angular velocities (arm bending speed)
  • Pushing forces according to the three spatial axes
  • Ground contact time
  • Muscle contraction relative intensity