The Microfluidics Lab (µFL) is a research group dedicated to small scale flows and surface tension. The research activity is mostly experimental, at the intersection between fluid dynamics, biology and microtechnology. The lab is located in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering  at the University of Liege. It is headed by Pr. Tristan Gilet.

Available positions

There is currently no available position. Nevertheless, young and motivated researchers interested in joining our group (either as PhD students or post-docs) are welcome to email Tristan Gilet. The email should include a CV and a cover letter. In this letter, more than summarizing his/her main achievements (which the CV already does), the applicant should explain what he/she would do if joining µFL (relation between the applicant’s project and the projects already ongoing at µFL, equipment and expertise already available at µFL, etc.). If there is a potential match between the applicant’s project and what the µFL can offer, we will then identify together the most appropriate funding opportunity.