• University of Liège
    Bât. B52/3 Microfluidique
    Quartier Polytech 1
    allée de la Découverte 9
    4000 Liège
  • +32 4 366 91 66
  • Tristan.Gilet[AT]uliege.be

Education and professional experience

2011-present Assistant Professor (tenured), head of the Microfluidics Lab (ULiege)
2009-2011 Instructor / Post-Doc in Applied Mathematics (MIT)
2005-2009 PhD in Physics (GRASP, ULiege), supported by FNRS-FRIA
Fall 2007 Visiting student (MIT)
2003-2004 Master (DEA) in Fluid Dynamics (ISAE)
Summer 2004 Master’s thesis (VKI)
2002-2004 MSc in Aerospace Engineering (ISAE), TIME student
1999-2005 MSc in Engineering Physics (ULiege)

Research Projects


cf. publication list here

Other interests

  • Music: My second life… I play piano, mostly jazz improvization. I love composing and accompanying singers. My last project: Nougarômes
  • Sustainable development: Solar cooking, gardening, among others…
  • Fun experiences: Mountaineering, flying (Private Pilote Licence), 0-gravity flight, fatherhood, etc.