A wide epidemiological investigation on confirmed cases  for atypical myopathy has been undertaken. This study enabled the identification of protective factors (i.e. that tend to avoid atypical myopathy) and risk factors (i.e. that tend to favour the disease).  From these identified factors, some preventive measures can be proposed. Differences between countries in atypical myopathy-associated risk factors should exist since the flora, pasture characteristics and management of horses and pastures may differ markedly.  Comparison of outbreaks within countries will be of value to narrow the common factors between affected areas. This will be of great help in our quest for the aetiological agents and strengthen our knowledge of epidemiology.  This is the reason why we encourage horses owners and veterinarians confronted to a case to communicate us the information concerning a suspected cases by the use of the clinical questionnaire (to be filled in by the vet) and the epidemiological questionnaire (to be filled in by the owner of the horse).

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