Why a geographical approach?

The various hypothesis related to atypical myopathy in grazing horses aetiology,  bear in common the assumption of specific environmental conditions (climate, biogeography ….) when appearance of the pathogenic system . In this context, a geographic of health approach has been initiated within the team in order to further explore the relationship: environment / atypical myopathy.

What does it consist of?

The study focuses on the link between environment in all its various aspects, the disease and their interaction.

What it is not?

a simple mapping of cases highlighting the horse or grazing fields’ owners affected by atypical myopathy.

 This is the reason why special attention is given to scales of representation of maps published here.

“Geography of health contributes to the project by focusing on the study of the characteristics of the environment not only at a given moment but also in a dynamic perspective. Epidemiology does not replace the geography, it explains the how, geography the why “(Mr.Souris).

How it works?

Horses owners and veterinarians declaration have enable to obtain a certain amount of data to locate some cases are with accuracy. Only cases where the quality of geographical data (address of the pasture … ) is  of quality have been taken  into account . However the number of usable data for the time being relatively small, your help is essential, because the location of the event in time and space allows identification of possible changes in the distribution of cases, and the progress of research.

On another hand the data is combined with other weather-related, geological or geographical parameters in order to study the various links.