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In 2017, a first study leaded by the Institute allowed to take the pulse of the Smart City dynamics within our Belgian municipalities. In the first of 2018, some Walloons figures were released, demonstrating that the Walloon cities have well started the race aiming to become more intelligent and sustainable cities.

One year after the first national quantitative research, where stand our Belgian municipalities at present ? To answer this question, the 589 Belgian municipalities were requested to share their perception about this phenomenon, but also to share their strategies and projects in this field.



This 2018 barometer, mapping of the development of the Smart Cities phenomenon in Belgium, is the final result of a study conducted with the Belgian municipalities between October 2017 and April 2018.

All in all, 21% of the Belgian municipalities, which means a sample of 123 municipalities, have taken part to the survey and gave their opinion.

All the Smart City managers and the officials in charge of initiating, implementing and/or following the Smart City projects at municipal level were asked to take part to this survey, with a response rate of:

  • 27% for executives’ directors,
  • 23% for Smart City managers or people in direct link with Smart City projects
  • And finally, 13% for heads of department.

The sample, statistically representing the population of the Belgian Municipalities in terms of location (the ten provinces and the tree Belgian regions) and in terms of nature (rural and urban municipalities). This allow us to generalize the results to the whole Belgian territory.


Starting from the point of view of the municipalities, this barometer exposes:

  • The way they perceive the Smart City concept;
  • The progress of these in implementing a Smart City approach on their territory;
  • Prerequisites identified as necessary for its implementation;
  • The priority themes developed in Belgium.

Besides, the barometer identifies:

  • The used financing means;
  • The actions developed to reinforce the dynamic of actors (public, private and citizens actors) on the territory.

Finally, this barometer indicates the procedures of follow up and control, but also the issues encountered by the municipalities in implementing and developing Smart City projects.


As for the 2017 barometer, this research highlights generalizable results for the Belgian population, by analysing from closer the phenomenonat the scale of our 3 regions (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels), and urban and rural municipalities. This year there is an additional focus on our 10 provinces, allowing thereby to have a deep understanding of their respective operating mode.


As demonstrated by the report of the Belgian barometer 2018, available via the button below, the development of a Smart City approach is not a simple trend and is not limited to the improvement of the brand image that Belgian municipalities wish to carry.

A real awareness emerges enabling the progressive implementation of an inclusive dynamic, putting the human as a central concern.

Our municipalities abound therefore with more and more initiatives and projects, which objective is to improve the quality of live on their territory and ensure their sustainability.

The encouraging results of this study show the interest of municipalities to enter in a more accomplished dynamic Smart City. It is consequently that direction that the Smart City Institute will continue to supply them with concrete tools to follow them in the definition of their strategies and the implementation of smart initiatives on their respective territory (Practical Guide of the Smart City, annual barometer, continuous training, …).


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Download here the press release, in French or Dutch, as well as the press kit (folder with banner, and useful pictures).