Municipalities’ understanding of the Smart City concept: An exploratory analysis in Belgium

The Smart City Institute is proud to announce the publication of a new scientific paper written by Jonathan Desdemoustier, in collaboration with Prof. Nathalie Crutzen (Academic Director of the SCI) and Prof. Rudolf Giffinger (renowned expert in analytical research on urban and regional development at the Vienna University of […]

28 January 2019|

Verviers, Smart City – From theory to practice

agenda-verviers-villeintelligente […]

9 January 2019|

Launch of new mandates in Flanders – VVSG event

VVSG-Banner This year, The Smart City Institute will be at the event marking the beginning of the new Flemish elected  representatives . During this event, the VVSG offers several inspiring lectures about different subjects. Jonas Van Bockhaven, researcher at the SCI, will participate in a panel discussion during a lecture […]

9 January 2019|

Le SCI recrute un(e) coordinateur(trice) scientifique (FEDER)

Pour renforcer son équipe, le SCI recherche

un(e) Coordinateur(trice) scientifique (FEDER):


6 December 2018|

TEMOIGNAGES – Pourquoi le Guide Pratique est essentiel à votre commune ?

banner Guide Pratique Construire une stratégie Smart City : Ils sont passés à l’action grâce à notre Guide Pratique – Tome 1 : TÉMOIGNAGES […]

13 September 2018|

Belgian barometer 2018: Smart City strategies and projects in Belgium


Discover now the results of the second research of Smart City Institute!

In 2017, a first study leaded by the Institute allowed to take the pulse of the Smart City dynamics within our Belgian municipalities. In the first of 2018, some Walloons figures were […]

13 June 2018|