Smart Cities in Belgium: Qualitative analysis of 11 projects

The Smart City Institute has just published its first scientific report entitled : « Smart Cities in Belgium: Qualitative analysis of 11 projects »

The research conducted in this report is qualitative in nature: eleven “Smart City” projects were studied in Belgium. The projects were selected in order to ensure geographical diversity — an initiative for […]

9 November 2015|

Launch of the Smart City Institute at HEC-ULg

Hosted in the Management School of the University of Liege (HEC-ULg) and in the continuation of the activities led by the Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy since 2010, the Smart City Institute has just been launched, under the direction of Professor Nathalie Crutzen.

This institute aims at stimulating the development of scientific research, education, innovation and […]

8 January 2015|

A Seminar on Sustainability and Smart City at HEC-ULg

The seminar on Sustainable Strategy in a Multi-Polar World will be organized from January 5, 2015 to January 22, 2015 at HEC-Management School of the University of Liege. All 2nd Master students at HEC-ULg will participate to this teaching activity.

During this intensive three-week seminar, we will discuss topics such as Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Innovative Strategies […]

5 January 2015|

An AWEX Field Trip on Smart Cities (Beijing, China)

From December 8 to December 12, 2014, an AWEX field trip to Beijing (China) was organized under the topic of “smart cities”. Fifteen students (Master 2 students) from HEC-ULg, one coordinator (Aurore Tilkin, HEC-ULg) and myself had the opportunity to meet different actors involved in “smart city” initiatives in Beijing.

This 5-day visit to China was […]

19 December 2014|

How does the Smart City Institute define a « smart city »?

Making a city “smart” is emerging as a strategy to mitigate the problems generated by the urban population growth and rapid urbanization (Chourabi et al., 2012). Indeed, currently, half of the world population lives in cities and the world is at an unprecedented level of urbanization (Nam and Padro, 2011). The rapid urban population growth […]

15 December 2014|