The Smart City Institute want to sensitize and to train the managers and the economists of the future to manage the issues and challenges of sustainability and smart cities.

Every academic year, seminar called “Sustainable Strategy in Multipolar World” and focused on Smart Cities is organized by the Institute. All the Master 2 students at HEC Liège (more than 300 students) follow this seminar. This activity has been organized since 2012.

After a series of guest speakers’ conferences based on the scientific literature but also on real ground experiences, the students (in multidisciplinary and international groups) are requested to make concrete strategic proposals which could contribute to the development of Wallonia as a smarter city. The best proposals have the opportunity to be accompanied by the Smart City Institute and its partners in the City VentureLab (a structure aiming at incubating and/or at accelerating entrepreneurial projects contributing to the development of sustainable and smart cities).

In a more international perspective, the institute is also involved, via professor Nathalie Crutzen, in a series of academic courses and trainings as well as academic networks linked to the thematic of sustainable strategies and smart cities. Strong connections exist with other universities and research centres in Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands), in North America (Canada, the USA) and in Asia-Pacific (Australia, Malaysia , China).

Furthermore, a series of internships and master theses (carried by students of HEC Liège) will be proposed to different actors of smart cities and supervised by the institute.