Laura Kalliomaa-Puha

Kalliomaa-Puha research interests have focused on changes in social law–civil law tools in public law such as contracts and consumer protection, preventive law as well as international trends and legal transplants in social law such as growing amount of rules coming from the European Union revolving around social security. Access to justice can be at stake when these new tools and norms are put into practice. Vulnerable groups such as children or the elderly has been in the centre of her interest. Those groups are weak consumers: the more the services are organised in the markets, the more is left for the clients. Not all families, elderlies let alone children are up to this.
Maili Malin

PhD and Adjunct Professor in sociology.
Done health and wellbeing related research 30 years from reproductive health, women’s health, elderly care, child welfare issues, mental health care system and migrants’ health issues (working age, youth).
Tuomas Martikainen