Dangis Gudelis

Dangis Gudelis is an Associate Professor of Public Administration at the Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania. His research and publications focus on Lithuanian diaspora engagement as well as various topics related to public management, including knowledge management, network governance, performance measurement, public-private partnerships, and delivery of social services. In 2015 he completed a two-year research project on Lithuania’s relationships with its diaspora professionals, funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.
Luka Klimaviciute

Luka Klimaviciute is a student pursuing a master’s degree in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. Originally from Lithuania, Luka attended high-school and university in the United States, which sparked her interest in migration. Luka received her BA at the University of Richmond where in 2014 she won a grant to conduct qualitative research on strategies to engage the Lithuanian diaspora in the U.S. and the UK, and consequentially co-authored an article on the topic with Dr Dangis Gudelis. Before enrolling in graduate school, Luka was in charge of a $10,000 Davis Project for Peace intended to foster refugee integration in Lithuania and interned at the Migration Policy Institute. Luka is currently working on a dissertation regarding the effects of emigration in Lithuania and Poland.
Romas Lazutka

Dr. Romas Lazutka, professor of Vilnius University. He is lecturer of social policy and public sector economics. Lazutka graduated faculty of Economics and obtained PhD from Vilnius University. Lazutka has participated in many national and international research projects. Romas Lazutka is engaged in the collaboration with the Ministry of Social Security and Labour for the last decade, including his service as an advisor to the Minister. He has worked in the areas of social security and labour market policies, has participated in preparation of draft laws on pensions, social services, Poverty Reduction Strategy and National Action Plans and policy reports.