Agnieszka Chlon-Dominczak

Dr. Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak is an Assistant Professor at Warsaw School of Economics in the Institute of Statistics and Demography.
Previously she was a Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy and the Head of Department of Economic Analyses and Forecasting in the same Ministry. Her responsibilities included, among others, the oversight of the social insurance system. She was the member of the Bureau of the Social Protection Committee of the European Council and Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee of the OECD. She was a member of the 1999 pension reform team in Poland. She consulted on pension issues in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, cooperating with the World Bank, ILO and the OECD. She is an author and co-author of many publications in the field of pensions and labour markets. Her research interest includes: demography, pension systems, labour markets, social policy, health and education.
Magdalena Lesińska

Assistant Professor in the Centre of Migration Research at University of Warsaw (CMR UW). She graduated from Central European University in Budapest and University of Wrocław (Poland). She is Kosciuszko Foundation and Dekaban Foundation scholar. Her present research interests focus on national and European migration policy as well as political and public participation of immigrants, diaspora politics and political engagement of diaspora. She is an author and editor of several books, many articles, working papers and political recommendations.