Verónica Ines Carmona Barrenechea

Veronica Carmona Barrenechea holds a BA degree on Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires, where she is completing her Masters on Social Policies. She is a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Work-ing Group on Social Rights and Public Policies, also a Teaching Assistant at the Law and Social Sciences Faculty at the University of Buenos Aires. She has worked for over ten years in the field of human rights, especially social rights and public policies. She has experience as a researcher, on civil society organisations (such as the Centre for Legal and Social Studies-CELS), a public servant on the City of Buenos Aires. She also has an international background, as a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University, a fellow at the Inter American Commission on Human Rights and as a consultant for the Inter-American Commission of Women.
Ana Margheritis

Ana Margheritis is Reader at University of Southampton, Associate Fellow at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, and Coordinator of the Migration@Soton Research Network. She previously worked and hold visiting positions at highly ranked universities in the US, Europe, and South America. She is the author of four sole-authored books, including Migration Governance across Regions (Routledge 2016) and Shaping Migration Shaping Migration between Europe and Latin America (SAS Publications 2018), editor of two other volumes and co-author of a seventh. Her peer-reviewed articles and special issues on transnational migration, international political economy and foreign policy appeared in a wide range of journals. She has been consultant for EUDO at the European University Institute, as well as the UNDP and national research agencies of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Canada. She is currently member of the Global Challenges Research Fund Peer Review Group, Economic and Social Research Council and co-leader of a new Research Cluster at IMISCOE.
Giuseppe M Messina

Giuseppe M. Messina has a PhD in Latin American Studies (Complutense University of Madrid), a Specialist Degree in Social Policy (University of Buenos Aires), and a Degree in Economics and Social Sciences (Bocconi University of Milan). Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow funded by the Argentine National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Legal and Social Studies “Ambrosio L. Gioja” (Law School – University of Buenos Aires), where he is a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group DSPP (Derechos Sociales y Políticas Públicas - He is also a Teaching Assistant in the following courses: Methodology of social science research and Introduction to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. In recent years, he has worked as an external consultant for a number of local and international organisations, such as the International Labour Organization. Giuseppe Messina’s areas of interest are Welfare Regimes and Social Policy, Labour Market Policies and Unpaid Care work, and Poverty, Economic and Gender Inequalities.
Mora Straschnoy

Mora Straschnoy has a degree in sociology, a specialisation in Planning and Management of Social Policies, a Master in Social Policies, and is now finishing her PhD in Social Science at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she is also an Assistant Professor in the subject Political Sociology. In 2012 Mora won a PhD Scholarship (2013-2018) of the National Research Council. She is a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Social Rights and Public Policies Mora´s research topics are Cash Transfer Programs, the Family Allowance System, conditionalities in health and education, health policies for “vulnerable” people, specifically regarding pre-natal check-ups.
She is currently studying the articulation between the Pregnant Allowance for Social Protection, that seeks to promote the prenatal check-ups through its conditionalities, and the “Sumar” Program, which aim is to improve the conditions of prenatal check ups in public health care services.