Adrien Dioh

Adrien Dioh is a lawyer by training and teacher-researcher at the Gaston Berger University of Saint Louis. He has held the position of the Head of the Department of Business Law and Head of the Legal Affairs Division at the Directory General of Higher Education. He acts as a consultant for international organisations such as ILO and IOM. He is the author of numerous publications in particular in Social Law and International Migration Law.
Etienne Smith

Etienne Smith is assistant professor of political science at Sciences Po Bordeaux / Les Afrique dans le monde (LAM). After his Ph.D (Sciences Po, 2010) he was postdoctoral research fellow with the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University (2010-2012),Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs SIPA (2012),Adjunct Director of the Euro-African Program and International Affairs Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at the International Affairs Divisions at Sciences Po (2013-2014),Assistant Professor at the Chaire d’Etudes Africaines Comparées in Rabat (2015-2017),Visiting Assistant Professor at Ashoka University in India (Spring 2018).
Focusing on Senegal and West Africa, his research interests include democratisation, external voting and transnational political participation, intellectual history of West Africa, migration, ethnicity and nationalism.