The Wind Tunnel Laboratory operates a multi-disciplinary subsonic tunnel, with a maximum airspeed of 65m/s in atmospheric conditions. The singularity of the facility is its modularity: the wind tunnel is composed of two test-sections and several dedicated systems to investigate the field of low speed aerodynamics (Mach < 0.15).

The dimensions of the test sections and available instrumentation enable to study several types of engineering applications: aircraft systems (UAVs, rotorcrafts), wind Energy systems (wind turbines, energy harvesting), building aerodynamics and aeroelasticity, vehicles aerodynamics …

The Wind Tunnel Laboratory is part of the Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering of University of Liège.

As a University research unit, the missions of the laboratory are shared between:








17 March 2020

Characterisation of an old anemometer used in the past in Belgium mines.

Very interesting tests showing that the device is still accurate despite its old age !

February 2020

New publication in Sports Engineering.

Our work by L. Tadrist, N. Sampara, I. Ashraf and T. Andrianne has been accepted for publication. It shed some light on a the contrast swing effect in cricket. This effect is due to a differential roughness level on the two sides of the cricket ball and is responsible for lateral deviation of the ball trajectory.

The article can be found on the Open repository of ULiège, here.

20 February 2020

A wind tunnel demonstration is proposed to the bachelor students of the course of Fluid Mechanics.

18-19 February 2020

Measurements of the flow features around a reduced scale FUN CUP VW racing car. This work aims at understanding and improving the aerodynamic performances of the aileron of the car. It is carried out in the scope of the master thesis by Alicia Martinez Cacho.


3-14 February 2020

A novel experimental apparatus is tested : a cylinder suspended to springs and instrumented by pressure taps (2D pressure distributions) and laser (displacement of the cylinder). The purpose is to analyse the aerodynamic loading during lock-in (VIV). This work is done in the scope of the PhD research of F. Rigo.

December 2019 – January 2020

The experimental set-up of the tandem cylinders in different flow regimes is ready for testing.  These tests take place in the scope of the PhD research of R. Dubois.

9 October 2019

New tests on the effect of differential roughness on cricket ball are performed. The objective is to quantify the contrast swing effect used by launchers.

18 September 2019

A new wind tunnel test campaign has started. It consists in analysing the flow around a row of cylinders in front of a wall. This tests will serve as a validation data base of CFD analysis of the flow around a solar receiver developed by John Cockerill Energy.

 September 2019

Raphaël Dubois, a former student in aerospace engineering joined the laboratory. He will perform some research on the topic of Flow Induced Vibrations of Tandem Cylinders in the Trans-critical Flow Regime. Raphaël is competing for a FRIA funding to perform his doctoral research.

August 2019

A third master thesis topic is available. It consists in the development of a wind tunnel model for testing inter flap seal subject to aeroelastic instabilities.

May 2019

Two master thesis topics are available for the next academic year at the wind tunnel laboratory.

May 2019

The Association d’Ingénierie du Vent (AIV – Belgique/France/Suisse) held his annual meeting in Liège. Two days of interaction between wind experts from the three countries. The first day (May 14th) was dedicated to a short course on the codification (Eurocode EN1991-1-4) about the wind effects on buildings. An informal reception was organised at the Wind Tunnel Lab with a small demonstration for the participants of the course.

François Rigo, who is currently PhD student at the wind tunnel laboratory won the prize INNO-VENT 2019 for his works on the VIV-grid effect studied earlier in the laboratory.

Congratulation to him !

And thanks to all participants for this excellent industrial-academic exchange experience.


March 2019

The wind tunnel campaign on the topic of wind loading on heliostats has started. First results are available and in preparation for a publication.

February 2019

Arrival of a new Erasmus student: Elena de Oro Fernandez from Politécnica Madrid. Elena will work on the characterisation of the flutter speed of fins.

January 2019

New industrial project: the characterisation of the aerodynamic loading on the ‘Pont des trous’, to be built in Tournai. The stability of this vaulted structure is studied by the design office Greisch. For that purpose a detailed analysis of the aerodynamic pressure loading is necessary. This study is carried out on a 1/50th scaled model measuring the internal and external pressure at multiple locations on the main arch.

January 2019

Arrival of a new researcher in the team: Mr. Hakim Merarda is hosted in the laboratory for a period of 18 months with a funding of the Algerian government. His research in Liège will consist in the characterisation of aerodynamic forces on novel types of solar mirrors for solar centrals.

December 2018

Full scale testing of the low consumption racing car developed by the HEPL (Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège). Great fun and interesting findings for these motivated students.

November 2018

Lab sessions of the courses of Aerodynamics (AERO001-1) and Aeroelasticity and Experimental Aerodynamics (AERO0032-1) took place everyweek of november.

August to November 2018

Two new tower projects are studied at the wind tunnel lab. Global and local pressure loading on the towers, together with comfort level at the base were measured, analysed and reported.

July 2018

Industrial project for the pressure loading around a semi-elliptic building.

May 2018

Student work to investigate the flight of microraptors: tandem wing configurations. Master thesis of a student from ULB under the supervision of Prof. Dimitriadis (Uliège) and Prof.Hendrick (ULB).

April 2018

Student master thesis work by Juan Manuel Calleja: aerodynamic optimisation of a low consumption vehicle. This work is performed in the scope of the Shell Eco Marathon competition. Wind tunnel results are compared to CFD simulation results. A very good matching is found between the two approaches.

21-23 March 2018

Participation to the WINERCOST conference in Catanzaro (Italy). Presentation of our results from the instrumentation of a HAWT in default conditions.

February 2018

Wind tunnel test campaign of a special type of luminaire : a suspended sphere with very large sensitivity to Vortex Induced Vibration. A work between industrial application and fundamental aeordynamics/aeroelasticity.

10 January 2018

Mrs Mirjana Ratkovak from Bochum University will join the lab during one month. She obtained a travelling grant from the European Research Project WINERCOST. This project is dedicated to the Wind Energy Harvesting in Smart Cities. Mirjana will work on a small scale Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine instrumented and monitored in the wind tunnel during off design conditions. Welcome to her !

2 January 2018

A new consultancy mission has started with the company Euro-Diesel. The objective is to analyse the aerodynamic losses in a rotating machine (Couette flow at high Reynolds and Taylor numbers). This mission is carried out numerically by Dr. Amandine Guissart.

21 December 2017

Teaching activity in the scope of the Master in Sustainble Automotive Engineering : a lab session is organised to demonstrate the effect of aerodynamics on the loads applied on a racing car (scale 1/5th).

14 December 2017

Official inauguration of the new Wind Tunnel of TU/e (Technical Universiteit Eindhoven in the Netherlands). Our friend and colleague Prof. Bert Blocken invited us to participate to the experts panel about good and bad practices in wind tunnel testing. Very nice discussions with many colleagues across all Europe and beyond !


October-November 2017

Teaching activities in the scope of the course ‘Aeroelasticity and Experimental Aerodynamics’ (By Profs. Dimitriadis and Andrianne). This course is followed by the students of the master in Aerospace Engineering

September 2017

Wind analysis of the Watersportbaan footbridge to be built in the city of Ghent. A wind tunnel test campaign combined with models of the different aeroelastic instabilities and turbulent wind effect was carried out.

Model of the pylon

Model of the deck

 31 May 2017

Wind tunnel test campaign for the aerodynamic loading (pressures and forces) on a rounded shape water tower structure. The study is order by BAM Galère to obtain representative wind effects on a unique geometry (see photo of the model installed in the test section).

Water tower model (legs only).

May 2017

Master thesis work by F. Rigo : unsteady pressure measurement on bluff-bodies characterised by flow separation.

26 April 2017

Important press-event organised at the Wind Tunnel Lab in collaboration with TU/e, KUL and ANSYS. The objective was to communicate about our collaborative research results on aerodynamic positions of cyclist. Important press cover in many media !

13-24 March 2017

Wind tunnel test campaign in the scope of the project ERC NOVIB (Prof. G. Kerschen). A novel non-linear wing has been designed an built by E. Verstraelen (Phd student). The objective is to characterise the pre- and post critical behaviour of the wing in uniform and turbulent flow conditions. The second step consists in adding a non-linear damping system capable to mitigate the aeroelastic instability.

10 March 2017

Wind tunnel test campaign with students for the Architecture Faculty of ULg :  evaluation of the internal flow inside an agriculture building after construction of an adjunct building.

22-24 February 2017

Wind tunnel test campaign of a dynamic model of generic crane : measurement of the position of the jib of the crane around its equilibrium position in a turbulent flow. PhD research of Hélène Vanvinckenroye.

January-February 2017

Common research effort on the effect of the incoming turbulence on the aerodynamics of a wind turbine wing profile. This research is carried out in the scope of the European research project AEOLUS4FUTURE. The WTL hosted Giulio Vita from University of Birmingham for 4 weeks to perform the turbulence grid characterisation and tests on the wing.

December 5-7

New wind tunnel test campaign in the scope of our collaboration with the team of Prof. B. Blocken (TU/e, KUL and Ansys)

4 down-hill positions tested in the wind tunnel


Wind tunnel test campaign in the scope of the Mobius project: 2 elliptic towers in close vicinity to be constructed in Brussel. The Wind Tunnel Lab is responsible for the pressure measurement on the facade and global aerodynamic loads on the entire towers.


September 26-28

Participation to the IN-VENTO conference organised by the Italian Wind Engineering Association (ANIV): presentation of the recent results on cycling aerodynamics (in collaboration with the team of Prof. Bert Blocken) and wind loading on structures (in the wake of the doctoral works of Dr. Nicolas Blaise).

September 14-21

New wind tunnel test campaign focused on the unsteady aerodynamics of a 4:1 rectangular cylinder by Amandine Guissart and Thomas Andrianne: measurement of the pressure distribution on the surface of the rectangle for a better understanding of the underlying physics and validation of CFD results.


The Wind Tunnel Lab is happy to host Mr Michal Franek (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava) for 3 months in the scope of an Erasmus+ internship. Michal will take part to the research and consulting activities of the lab during his stay. Welcome !


The master thesis work by Renar Parama entitled : « Energy Harvesting from Aeroelastic Systems: Theoretical and Technical Considerations » is awarded as one of the best master thesis by AILg (Association des Ingénieurs diplomés de l’Université de Liège).

Congratulations Renar !

Great to work with students on the exciting topic of energy harvesting  !


Intensive wind tunnel experiments on the flow around a low rise building in atmospheric boundary layer: measurement of the pressure distribution on the roof in presence on corner vortices. This highly unsteady and localised phenomenon leads to strong non-Gaussian pressure distributions.


Preliminary tests with the novel Dynamic Pressure Measurement System (DPMS) designed by the Australian company ‘Turbulent Flow Instrumentation’

July 4-5

New tests of cricket ball trajectory with Dr. Loïc Tadrist. We threw balls with different roughness to validate our analytical trajectory model based on wind tunnel tests dedicated to the characterisation of cricket ball’s aerodynamics.


Participation to the conference BBAA8 (Bluff-Body Aerodynamics Applications) in Boston: presentation of our results of research/consulting activities on the Third Bosphorus Bridge (in collaboration with the design office Greisch). The conference paper can be downloaded here.

June 8-10

Participation to the conference ‘Sports Physics‘ organised at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Loic Tardist presents our new results on the effect of roughness on the trajectory of cricket balls.


Aerodynamics of cyclist and motorbike in the news:


New publication on cycling aerodynamics:








April 21

The new Dynamic Pressure System Measurement (DPMS) instrument has been received. This equipment, acquired thanks to an internal funding of ULg will enable the measurement of pressure at 128 locations at high frequency (up to 600Hz).


Collaboration with Prof. Bert Blocken from TU/e on the topic of cycling aerodynamics: wind tunnel experiments and CFD simulations. More info :

WTLcycling1 WTLcycling3WTLcycling2

February 29 – March

Preliminary test of the novel automated measuring platform of the FLEYE UAV in the scope of the Master thesis of Joachim Dominique (see description)


February 22 – 26

Wind tunnel test campaign for energy harvesting from aeroelastic vibration. Preliminary tests in the scope of the Master Thesis of Renar P. Aryoputro (see description)

February 15 – 17 

Laboratory for the Master 2 students in the scope of the Aerodynamics cours (AERO0001-1): investigation of a NACA0018 3D wind profile.


February 11 – 12 

Demonstrative lab session for Bachelor 3 students, presenting the two aspects of fluid mechanics : experimental and numerical

January 14

Measurement on a cricket ball to quantify the effect of relative roughness on the aerodynamics forces

2016 ———————————————————————————

December 14 – December 16

Lab sessions for the course of Vehicles Aerodynamics

November 12 – December 10

Lab sessions for the course of Experimental Aeroelasticiy

September 28 – October 16

The WTL carries out a study of the aeroelastic behavior of a bridge deck section of the Third Bosphorus Bridge in construction in Istanbul (Turkey). It concerns a lifting phase of several deck sections characterised by an important susceptibility to vibrate under low speed winds. In the scope of this project, the WTL investigate the phenomenon itself and tests count-measures to avoid wind induced vibrations.

July 13 – 14

Wind tunnel test campaign of the FLEYE UAV developed by the company Aerobot s.a.

July 1

Four proposals of final year projects are launched ! 

June 23 – 30

A novel set-up for Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) is built and tested. The objective is to perform Energy Harvesting from the structural motion due to VIV.

May 06 – 07

Test campaign for flow visualisation around a POD developed by FNHerstal in the frame of the Walloon project S-POD.

April 15

The Wind Tunnel Lab has been granted by internal University fundings for the acquisition of a novel unsteady pressure measurement system.

April 27 – 30

Test campaign of a new flight-mechanic experiment in the scope of a final year project by J. Reuland.

April 20 – 24

Test campaign in the scope of the ERC Research Project NOVIB.

March 30 – April 10

Test campaign in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) configuration of the wind tunnel. These wind tunnel tests are carried out in the scope of two final year theses dealing with Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) and unsteady pressure loading on high-rise buildings.

March 18 – 20

Test campaign with the company Flying-Cam. Two types of tests are performed: tail rotor performance in TS1 and fuselage drag in TS2.