Bureau d’Etudes Greisch – BEG: Several consulting activities have been carried out for BEG over the last years. These activities consisted in preliminary 2D aerodynamic simulations (bridge deck, bridge towers), complete wind tunnel test campaign of deck sections or estimation of the galloping response of large bridge towers. The relation with the Greisch’s office goes beyond the consulting activities since academic and research work are also conducted together with the laboratory.

logo-v2-tranparent-1000x250-e1431442421816 Fleye (Aerobot s.a.): The collaboration has started in 2014 with the objective to understand better and improve the aerodynamics of the UAV project of the company : Fleye. Several students works and research works are ongoing and the company is frequently involved in wind tunnel test campaigns.

LogoFN FN Herstal: Several studies have been conducted in the past for this historical Belgian company located in Liège. Research project are also conducted in collaboration with FN Herstal in the development of their new products.

Forges de Zeebrugge (FZ): Research and consulting activities have been carried out with the objective to improve the capabilities of new products.

V2I-logo V2i : Collaboration in the development of wind resistant street-light fittings.

Other clients :

  • Immobel S.A
  • VK Engineering and Architects
  • Philéole
  • Altostratus
  • Aircraft Traders Belgium
  • Philips
  • RTech (Schreder)
  • Sagita