Several researches are carried out in the laboratory under the supervision of  Dr. T. Andrianne.

These topics are:

  • Bluff-body aerodynamics: flow separation due to the non-streamlined shape of engineering structure.
  • Bluff-body aeroelasticity: non-linear aeroelastic phenomena taking place when the structural response has an effect on the aerodynamic loading.
  • Wind Energy: Vertical and Horizontal axis wind turbines (performances and aeroelastic behaviour)
  • Flying systems: UAV (rotorcraft type)
  • Sport Aerodynamics
  • Experimental / Numerical Integration: the combination of wind tunnel measurements and CFD results yields to a complementary approach that improves the understanding of the physics involved.

Through its multi-disciplinary characteristics, the Wind Tunnel Lab collaborates strongly with several research teams from University of Liège and abroad. These collaborations take the form of European, National or Regional projects for which Academics include an experimental aspect to the researches.

Internal collaborations

Aeroelasticity & Experimental Aerodynamics (AEA-A&M/ULg)  – Prof. G. Dimitriadis

Multiphysics & Turbulent Flow Computation (MTFC-A&M/ULg) – Prof. V.E. Terrapon

Structural & Stochastic Dynamics (SSD-Argenco/ULg) – Prof. V. Denoël

Microsys Lab (ULg\EMMI) – Dr. P. Laurent

External collaborations

LadHyx (Ecole Polytechnique – Paris, France): energy harvesting from aeroelastic systems

Urban Physics and Wind Engineering (TU/e – Eindhoven, The Netherlands): sport aerodynamics and wind engineering

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (Tokyo, Japan): EFD/CFD Integration