Credit : Patrick Meyer (19/12/2018)



Mini Symposium on Photosynthesis & Symbiosis November 15 2019, Institut de botanique, Liege

> Workshop on algae and bioinformatics. May 28 – June 4 – 2019, Stareso, Calvi, France

> 2019 InBios Day– February 7 – 2019, ULiege

InBios Day group picture

> The 1st European Congress on Photosynthesis Research ePS-1– June 25-28 – 2018, Uppsala, Sweden

5 members of the lab participated to this event.

> 18th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, June 17-21 – 2018,  Washington DC

6 members of the lab participated to this event.

>Pierre Cardol and members of his team participated to the TARA mission in Palau – January 06-26 – 2018

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Daily Science

> Photosynthetic and Respiratory complexes: from structure to function – August 13-16 – 2016, Verviers, Belgium

A satellite meeting to the 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research. By Pierre Cardol and Egbert Boekema

> The bioenergetic processes of microalgae – 02/26/2016

Pierre Cardol has just received an ERC Consolidator grant to continue his research into understanding the bioenergetics processes of microalgae.

> The diatoms promise: respiration for better CO2 fixation – 12/11/2015

Small unicellular marine organisms known as diatoms are responsible for nearly 20% of carbon dioxide fixation (CO2) by photosynthesis on our planet. But how do these microalgae come to dominate the world of photosynthetic marine organisms ?

> Saving coral reefs  – 12/21/2015

Reef-building corals may bleach as a result of high sea surface temperature. We now have a better understanding of the primary mechanisms of this phenomenon.