ERC consolidator project  – BEAL

Bioenergetics in microalgae : regulation modes of mitochondrial respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentative pathways, and their interactions in secondary algae

 (ERC-CoG-2015 – ERC Consolidator Grant – BEAL Grant agreement ID: 682580)


During the course of eukaryote evolution, photosynthesis was propagated from primary eukaryotic algae to non-photosynthetic organisms through multiple secondary endosymbiotic events. Collectively referred to as “secondary algae”, these photosynthetic organisms account for only 1-2% of the total global biomass, but produce a far larger part of the global annual fixation of carbon on Earth.
ATP is the universal chemical energy carrier in living cells. In photosynthetic eukaryotes, it is produced by two major cellular processes: photosynthesis and respiration taking place in chloroplasts and mitochondria, respectively. Both processes support the production of biomass and govern gas (O2 and CO2) exchanges. On the other hand, anaerobic fermentative enzymes have also been identified in several primary and secondary algae. The regulation modes and interactions of respiration, photosynthesis and fermentation are fairly well understood in primary green algae. Conversely, the complex evolutionary history of secondary algae implies a great variety of original regulatory mechanisms that have been barely investigated to date.
Over the last years my laboratory has developed and optimized a range of multidisciplinary approaches that now allow us, within the frame of the BEAL (BioEnergetics in microALgae) project, to (i) characterize and compare the photosynthetic regulation modes by biophysical approaches, (ii) use genetic and biochemical approaches to gain fundamental knowledge on aerobic respiration and anaerobic fermentative pathways, and (iii) investigate and compare interconnections between respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentation in organisms resulting from distinct evolutionary scenarios. On a long term, these developments will be instrumental to unravel bioenergetics constraints on growth in microalgae, a required knowledge to exploit the microalgal diversity in a biotechnological perspective, and to understand the complexity of the marine phytoplankton.


Pierre Cardol

Pierre CARDOL, PhD

FRS-FNRS Senior Research Associate

Tél. : +32 (0) 43 66 38 40


Hector Vicente MIRANDA-ASTUDILLO (Post-doc 2016-2018) Structure and function of respiratory and photosyntethic complexes of Euglena gracilis

Javier Francisco CÓRDOBA JACOSTE (Post-doc 2016-2019)
Comparative transcriptomics and proteomics in Euglena gracilis

Mattia PIERANGELINI (Post-Doc 2018-2020)
Photosynthesis in free-living and symbiotic dinoflagellates

Alexandre LAMBION (technician 2016-2018)
Photoprotection in Euglena gracilis

Felix VEGA DE LUNA (PhD student 2017-2021)

Photosynthesis and respiration in Symbiodinium and Euglena gracilis

Gwenaëlle GAIN (PhD student 2017-2021)
Fermentative pathways and their interaction with photosynthesis in microalgae

Alain Gervasi (technician 2018-2021)
Assembly of devices to monitor growth and physiology of microalgae (botabotlab)

Tom F

Tom Feller (Researcher 2020-2021)
Maintenance of aquarium and breeding of endosymbiotic animals, photosynthesis in symbiotic animals

Charles Counson  (2016-2017)
Phylogenomics analysis of ETR components in microalgae


Participation of Pierre Cardol and Felix Vega de Luna to TARA mission in Palau to study photophysiology of Symbiodinium (Uliege news 05/11/2018)

Participation of Pierre Cardol and Felix Vega de Luna to TARA mission in Palau to study photophysiology of Symbiodinium (Daily Science, 17/12/2018)

Décrypter les processus bioénergétiques des microalgues (Uliege news, 26/02/16)

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