Participation des membres de l’équipe de Pierre Cardol à la mission TARA à Palau



Les processus bioénergétiques des microalgues – bourse ERC pour le laboratoire




INTRO Blanchissement corauxSaving coral reefs  (12/21/15)
Reef-building corals may bleach as a result of high sea surface temperature. We now have a better understanding of the primary mechanisms of this phenomenon.


INTRO diatomee CO2The diatoms promise: respiration for better CO2 fixation (12/11/2013)
Combining photosynthesis and respiration. This combination is behind the impressive efficiency of the photosynthetic activity of diatoms.


intro-chlamyThe strange movement of transfer RNAs (2/4/2013)
We know that mitochondria import transfer RNAs from the rest of the cell. But what are the mechanisms behind this process? We know a little more about it today thanks to the research of Claire Remacle.


The fluorescent trompe l’œil of Ostreococcus (5/11/2010)
In certain conditions a variety of unicellular algae retains less CO2 and emits less oxygen than expected. Would not plankton fluorescence thus more reliably reflect the oceans’ productivity ?