Evelyn Astor

Evelyn Astor is an Economic and Social Policy Advisor at the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), a global organisation representing 340 trade unions from over 160 countries. Prior to this, she worked at the European Commission on issues around social protection and gender equality in the labour market. Evelyn has a degree in Public Policy and Human Rights from New York University and a MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics.
Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak

Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak is an assistant professor in the Institute for Statistics and Demography at the Warsaw School of Economics. She is also the former Deputy Minister of labour and social policy of Poland. She was one of the core members of the 1999 pension reform team in Poland. She is an expert on demography, pension systems, health and education.
Daniel Clegg

Daniel Clegg is the director of the Graduate School of Social and Political Science and senior lecturer in social policy in the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include unemployment, comparative social policy, welfare systems, labour markets, European social policy and social security.
Michael Collyer

Michael Collyer is a professor of geography in the centre for migration research at the University of Sussex. He specialises on undocumented migration, refugee movement and the geopolitics of migration control.
Yves Jorens

Yves Jorens is a professor of European social law and social criminal law at the University of Ghent. He is an expert on European social security issues and European health care. He has been managing several projects on European social security for migrant workers for the European Commission.
Alain Jousten

Alain Jousten is a professor of Economics at the University of Liège. He has a PhD from the university of Massachusetts Institute University. He specialises in public economics, the economics of ageing and the pension system.
Madalina Moraru

Madalina Moraru is a Research Fellow at the European University Institute, Centre for Judicial Cooperation in Florence and a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Her fields of interest and expertise are: EU fundamental rights; EU citizenship rights; judicial dialogue; asylum, refugee and immigration law; as well as EU external relations law.
Eva Østergaard-Nielsen

Eva Østergaard-Nielsen is an associate professor at the department of political science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She was a Research Fellow at the Harvard University. She is an expert on migrant political incorporation in a transnational perspective.
Luicy Pedroza

Luicy Pedroza is a Research Fellow at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies. She is the leader and principal investigator of the project “Every Immigrant is an Emigrant. How Migration Policies Shape the Paths to Integration”, funded by the Leibniz Gemeinschaft. Her field of research is comparative migration and citizenship policies with a cross-regional perspective comprising cases in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.
Frans Pennings

Frans Pennings is a professor of labour law and social security law at the University of Utrecht, he is also a visiting professor at the University of Gotheburg. He specialises on international standards and European law.
Kitty Stewart

Kitty Stewart is Associate Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Associate Director of LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion. She has a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute, Florence, and worked at UNICEF Innocent Research Centre before joining LSE in 2001. Her recent research interests have centred on the causes and consequences of child poverty, the relationship between income and wider outcomes, and policy for young children.

Foto: Jeroen Oerlemans

Frank Vandenbroucke

Frank Vandenbroucke is a professor at the University of Amsterdam. He is an expert on the impact of the European Union on the development of social and employment policies. He was also Minister for Social Security, Health Insurance, Pensions and Employment in the Belgian Federal Government (1999-2004) and Minister of Employment and Education in the Flemish Government (2004-2009).