Faculty of Social Sciences, CEDEM,
Quartier Agora (Sart-Tilman),
Place des Orateurs, 3 – Bât B31- Bte 24 , 4000 Liège, BELGIUM

Roberta Perna holds a PhD in Political Sociology from the University of Torino, Italy. Her PhD dissertation, titled “Pending between care and control. Practices of healthcare for migrants in irregular situation in Piemonte”, explored gap between policies and practices regulating the access to healthcare for migrants with irregular status, focusing on the individual, organisational and institutional factors shaping daily practices of policy implementation. She was member of ISCH COST Action IS1103 – “Adapting European health systems to diversity (ADAPT)” and Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Policies of the Spanish National Research Council (IPP-CSIC). Next to academic research, she collaborated with the Forum of International and European Research on Immigration (FIERI) in Torino and with non-governmental organisations as policy expert on the governance of migration and social protection in Italy.
Her research interests include the migration-social protection nexus, with a particular focus on the governance of migrant health policies from a comparative and multi-level perspective, and the politics of health-related deservingness in contemporary Europe.