Anton Ahlén

Anton Ahlén is a PhD candidate at the Department of Government at Uppsala University. His research interest mainly concern governance and policy research, specifically related to international migration and immigrant integration. Anton is affiliated with the research programme Mistra Geopolitics. He has previously worked at the Swedish Migration Studies Delegation (Delmi).
Erik O A Olsson

Erik Olsson is a Professor of International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Stockholm University, Department of Social Anthropology. He received his PhD in Communication Studies at Linköping University in 1995 (Department of Theme) and has since then been teaching and conducting research at Linköping University and Södertörn University College before coming to Stockholm University in 2008. Erik was the director of CEIFO (2008-2011) at Stockholm University and since 2012 responsible for the Migration Cluster at the Department of Social Anthropology. Erik’s research is related to the field of migration and ethnicity and in particular issues of transnationalism and diaspora. Some examples of his recent research includes a Marie Curie funded ITN network about diaspora (CoHaB) and empirical research about the Chilean diasporisation in Sweden, welfare practices among Swedish lifestyle migrants in Spain and successful career pathways among migrants in Sweden.
Joakim Palme

Joakim Palme is professor of political science at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, since 2009, and Chairman of The Migrations Studies Delegation (Delmi). Palme holds a PhD in sociology from 1990, Stockholm University. Throughout the 1980s and 90s, he contributed to the Social Citizenship Indicator Program (SCIP) at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI). From 2002 to 2011 he was the director of the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. He has published extensively on the welfare state as a strategy of equality and the politics of the welfare state. His publications also include studies of social policies in ageing societies and social investment. He has edited three anthologies with international publishers. He has more than 6 400 citations according to Google scholar, more than 3 200 citations since 2012. Overall H-index is 33. H-index since 2012 is 24.