Rilke Mahieu

Rilke Mahieu (1985) is a research fellow at the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS, University of Antwerp) since 2009. She has been studying various topics related to migration, including migrant transnationalism, diaspora policies, Moroccan migration, refugee support programs, the gender and migration nexus and minority education in Flanders. Her work is driven by an interest in the multiple perspectives on migration (migrant vs. non-migrant, citizen vs. state, etc.), which are uncovered through the use of qualitative methods. Currently, she coordinates the evaluation study of a local refugee support program of the city of Antwerp, CURANT (Cohousing and Case Management for Young Adult Refugees in Antwerp). Meanwhile, she works on the completion of a PhD on Moroccan diaspora policies oriented at the young generation of Moroccan descent in Europe. She has published her work in top-ranking peer-reviewed journals in the field (IMR, JEMS and IM) and in various books.
Abderrahim Oulidi

Doctor of Applied Mathematics (1993) and Actuary of the Centre for Actuarial Studies (CEA-Paris, 2005), Abderrahim Oulidi has directed the UIR Management School (RBS) and is currently the Director of the École d’Actuariat de Rabat (Rabat Actuarial School-UIR). He is the founder and Scientific Director of the Retirement and Retirement Chair (CDG-UIR-HCP). He is Co-founder and Vice-President of the African Institute of Risk Management (IARM-France). Mr. Abderrahim Oulidi has conducted numerous scientific research in the fields of applied mathematics, actuarial science and risk management. He has also published scientific articles in international journals on the management of insurance risks and social protection.